Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Day Long Walking Tour of Quebec City

My feet are killing me and I'm so tired but I promised myself I would blog. Our day started out with breakfast brought to our door in a picnic basket. It was way cool and the rolls were warm and fresh. YUM

After breakfast we met in the lobby to start our historic walking tour. I have to admit I wasn't excited about that at all, but I went. I found it interesting, some of it anyways. She told us a story about Benedict Arnold coming to the City and hiding in what he thought was a house. It turned out to be an Army barracks full of military men. I thought that was funny.
These were taken on our tour.

These next pictures are of the old campus of the University. They were spectacular and quite large.

This red roofed house is the oldest house in Quebec City.

This really has been a good trip. Lots to see and do. I loved being here with Frank, I just missed not having the kids here. We thought the girls would think it's cool but the boys might be bored. I missed them anyways.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quebec City

We left the cottage bright and early today, 5 am. Here is mom, Aunt Carole and Aunt Pat. The three of them sat in the back of the van for the 6 hour trip to Quebec City. I'm afraid it may be my turn on the return trip. Oh well it's the least I can do.
We stayed at the Hotel du Vieux that is within the walls of Old Quebec City. It is a beautiful old hotel. Our view from the street and from our room is absolutely amazing. We actually have the best room with the best view out of all of us. In the morning they deliver a basket of pastries, jam and fruit right to your door. Uncle Jim and Aunt Pat said that they were going to bring their basket to our room so that they could enjoy the view and eat with us too. After breakfast we are signed up to take an hour and a half walking tour of Old Quebec. That should be interesting. I sense more pictures.

After an early dinner we kinda wandered around the streets of old Quebec. I think it's now tradition to find some type of mountie for Frank to pose with. He's a good sport. The jester was just tucked in some small alcove.
After we returned from our little walking tour with mom, in the pouring rain I might add. Uncle Jim and Aunt Pat were sad that they didn't get to go with us. So mom decided she would stay at the hotel, she was already in her jammies, and Frank and I went with them on another adventure. The rain finally stopped and we saw the coolest things. The lighting in the streets at night is beautiful along with the interesting puppet dude. It is very European here and very fascinating.
The old part of Quebec City that we are in is surrounded by a huge wall. Hopefully tomorrow I will learn why that is. The streets are narrow and some are cobblestoned. Shops line the streets, it is a beautiful place.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today was another fabulous day. It was beautiful weather again. Today was the croquet playing day. We had a lot of fun playing today which is funny for me because the game drives me crazy. Frank and Pat won that game.

Last night when we were finished playing cards, Frank decided that he was going to show Pat a card trick. At the end of his trick, when he fired the cards at her, one of the cards fell under the deck. So this morning Frank crawled under the house to get the infamous card. It was too funny.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Lazy Days of Summer

Again this summer Uncle Jim got the water trampoline. We have a great time hanging out on that. This year unlike years past the water has been extremely warm in the lake. Today the water temperature was 80 degrees, so Lori, Greg and myself floated around on the styrofoam tubes. That was fun except for the plant/weeds that would touch your legs...yuk!!!

No day would be complete with out a friendly COMPETITVE game of bocce ball. We had the mens team that recruited Pat and the girls team. The guys won the first game and the girls won the second. Greg said he'd never played before but I highly doubt that.

Tonight was Lori and Greg's night to make dinner, oh my gosh. We had steak, salmon and shrimp all done on the barbeque. It was so so good. It's going to make our sweet and sour ribs seem like PB&J. I might have to totally re-think the rib thing.