Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Lazy Days of Summer

Again this summer Uncle Jim got the water trampoline. We have a great time hanging out on that. This year unlike years past the water has been extremely warm in the lake. Today the water temperature was 80 degrees, so Lori, Greg and myself floated around on the styrofoam tubes. That was fun except for the plant/weeds that would touch your legs...yuk!!!

No day would be complete with out a friendly COMPETITVE game of bocce ball. We had the mens team that recruited Pat and the girls team. The guys won the first game and the girls won the second. Greg said he'd never played before but I highly doubt that.

Tonight was Lori and Greg's night to make dinner, oh my gosh. We had steak, salmon and shrimp all done on the barbeque. It was so so good. It's going to make our sweet and sour ribs seem like PB&J. I might have to totally re-think the rib thing.

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