Wednesday, February 25, 2009


For a very long time now Jonathan has wanted to learn to play the guitar. So last year for Christmas we got him an electric guitar. Who knew that trying to find a teacher would be such an adventure. Not ME!!!!
So someone gave us the name of a guy that lives in Riverside. I called a couple of people that I thought might have known who this guy was. I should have listened to Kathleen Hall when she said he was ok but her Chris didn't really learn anything from him and they moved on. That should have been my clue to just keep searching, just keep searching. So no. Well I call this guy, funny how his name escapes me, probably a good thing. He says how he loves to teach, that he's played in bands and is currently playing in a band. I of course think, cool, Jon will love this. NOT happening. We go out there for his first lesson, the walk up to the door was a little scary, the yappie ankle biting dogs were not impressive, yet the bells didn't start going off in my head until I realized the teacher was the oxygen sniffing old guy!!! I kid you not Jon just looked at me like this isn't for real is it? Sadly I just fake a smile and say "Have fun" and I leave. I should have been reported I know. So I wait and in 30 minutes go back in and get him, I tell you the guy talked our ear off for another 20 minutes and played me bluegrass!!!!! I could tell Jon was not the least bit impressed. When we get in the car and he starts TRYING hard to find nice things to say I know it's a lost cause. So I try to keep it positive and just say it will be better and I know he's hoping he doesn't have to go back. The next week the teacher calls and says there's snow on the road and he won't be doing lessons until it's gone!! I kid you not and I'm thinking we live in Idaho for crying out loud and it's January. Truly Jon was relieved and praising us when we said he didn't have to go back there. Ok maybe we thought we heard praises, probably not, but I have to find redemption for leaving him there somehow.
Fast forward a year.
He still really wants to play and has been trying on his own, with help from Frank to learn a few chords. So I decided to just call a place in Idaho Falls. Imagine Jonathan's surprise when we told him we had signed him up for lessons at the Violin Shop in Idaho Falls, hahahahahahahahaha. For real that's where they hold lessons for alot of instuments. His first lesson was last week and I was so impressed and better yet he didn't suck oxygen and Jon thought he rocked. There is a new rock star in the makings at the Paice house.

Christmas in February

We love our Christmas in February!!

Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Pat send us gift certificates to Texas Roadhouse for Christmas. It always seems like it takes us until February to get everyone's schedules to match up. Between Christopher's schedule at Convergys, Steve's schedule with the Police Dept., Sarah's schedule with the nursing home, Kelsey's schedule with school and Daniel's schedule with school, I really thought it would be April or May before we got to enjoy our family dinner. It's just a good thing that Frank, Jonathan, Grandma Elle and I are so stinkin flexable. I'm so glad that Chris decided to take a couple of days off at the beginning of the week. Steve and Sarah were trying to talk us into taking everyone in shifts, and then they so unselfishly agreed to go with each shift to help spread the love, but it turned out great for everyone because we all got to go together. The only thing that would be better was if Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Pat could join us.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The comment was made today by Daniel, that one thing he loves about the superbowl is that we eat better than we do at Thanksgiving. Isn't that what superbowl is all about, food and commercials.
Ok well being with family and watching the game is number one but the others are a close second.

It was different this year that we didn't go to Hoges, like we have for the last umpteen years. I hope Sharon gets feeling better, being in the hospital is not fun.
The game was so good. At first I thought it wouldn't be a very close game but was I wrong. We really got into the game. So much so that the police arrived.
Ok well it was just Steve. He wanted to eat and watch the half time show. It was fun to have everyone here even the dogs enjoyed themselves.

All in all I think everyone had a good time. Kelsey and I especially, since the Steelers WON.

It's funny though, I hated football right up until the time that Daniel started playing. A new appreciation is formed when you have children involved in a sport you know absolutely nothing about. It seemed like with each season I gained new knowledge and appreciation. So when Chris and Jon played I could atleast cheer and jeer at the right times. Although I wouldn't be completely honest if I said I never cheered or jeered emphatically at the WRONG time, because I have. That is one mistake that is hard to cover up, so I just would look around and smile. Frank is so good to me when I do that, he just pats my leg, smiles and says, "Oh hon" Then he tries to explain it to me sometimes missing the next important play.