Friday, May 1, 2009


Kelsey was given the wonderful opportunity of playing Cinderella in the Blackfoot Community Play. At the start of rehearsals she was driving back and forth from Rexburg, because she is attending Paul Mitchell Hair Academy. After about a month of that she took a leave from school and moved home for a month. She was ready for a little vacation from school anyway.

It was great that Prince Charming was played by Chasten Ellis, one of her really good friends from high school. One of the ironic things...last year Kelsey was crowned as Prom Princess during prom and Chasten was crowned as Prom Prince.
I was threatened with my life if I posted any of the kissing pictures. There are a few for scrapbooking moments but not for the blog I'm afraid. She said it was awkward to rehearse the kissing scenes in front of the dads. Chasten's dad was the King and Frank was the minister.

Frank also was in the play. The only way he would be in it was if it didn't take too much time. He's so great, he had his lines memorized the first night. "Dearly beloved" We just called him Friar Frank.
It was so much fun to watch the two of them in the play. I loved it so much that I saw it like 5 times. I'm still humming the songs. Kelsey said that one of her favorite parts was when the little girls would come up to her at the end of the play and want to have their pictures taken with her. One little girl was so intrigued by her glass slipper that she asked to see it and to touch it. I even heard one little girl ask her mom if the theatre was where Cinderella lived!

I love this father and daughter picture. I'm so glad they have a talent that they can share.

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